A Personal Catalogue of Fictional Asians Who Were Important To Me: Han Seoul-Oh

A series of posts I started in 2019 returns. Read the first post here.

Today the new trailer for the ninth Fast and the Furious movie dropped. Apparently it’s called F9: The Fast Saga. No, I will not explain or defend their title schemes other than to say they are awesome and I will hear no criticism of my beloved children. Anyhow, this movie marks the return of director Justin Lin to the franchise and notably for a large and vocal segment of the fan base, long time collaborator Sun Kang in the role of Han. He was dead. Now he’s not. No, I don’t care how he got resurrected or whatever. I guess Jason Statham is bad at his job or whatever.

Han is a hugely important character for me and one of my all time favorites in any franchise series. More than any MCU, DCEU, even Star Wars character, Han is my dude now and forever. So, on this momentous day, I want to explain why.

  • Han is cool. He doesn’t even have to try, unlike everyone else. He just is.

  • Han is good at stuff. He drives good. He shoots good.

  • Han is a good teacher and fake dad.

  • Han is chill. He doesn’t freak out under pressure. He does his job and does it well.

  • Han is hot. He is. Gal Godot agrees. She’s wrong about most things in life, but about this she is undeniably correct.

  • Han is a giant nerd. His alias is Han Seoul-Oh.

  • Han is a huge dork. His alias is Han Seoul-Oh.

  • Han likes snacks.

That’s it. Han rules. He is both aspirational and relatable. Justice for Han.